Our consultants have a double life: Romeo TOGNARELLI

29 March 2023

Share a piece of our consultants' lives by discovering their passions! This month, let's discover the passion of Roméo TOGNARELLI for boxing.


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What is your passion?

My passion is combat sports and more precisely boxing. I really like French boxing and kick boxing. French boxing imposes more rules but is excellent to master the basics of many combat sports. And I am also discovering Thai boxing.

When and how did you start?

I started French boxing in my first year of university. I had the opportunity to try various sports including French boxing and I chose this one, especially because my father had also done it. I liked it right away and I continued to do it, more or less regularly, for 10 years. I now practice Thai boxing.

What do you like in this activity?

There are several points that I like in this sport:

  • The adrenaline that the sport provides, especially through the fight. I like to fight with people who also have the passion for this sport, but it is necessary that everyone play fair,
  • The respect that is established through training and fighting. Boxing allows you to meet and bond with other people, much faster than in other sports in my opinion,
  • Learning through sparring that allows you to face boxers of different levels. It can be frustrating but also fascinating because it allows you to learn from others and give it your all.

And in your daily life, how does your passion fit in?

I used to do 2-3 workouts a week. Now, I would say between 1 and 2 sessions per week.

It is a sport that requires rigor. If a person is motivated, it is also important to train outside of the training sessions and to maintain oneself.

Have you acquired skills that you use in your professional life?

Of course! Boxing is a complete sport: 

  • Action vs. reflection: boxing allows you to learn to balance action and reflection. It is sometimes important to stop analyzing and to act instead, thinking quickly but well
  • Perseverance: fights are sometimes difficult, and you don't win every fight easily, you must hold on or try to limit the damage,
  • Change of strategy: boxing has taught me to adapt to a change of situation and to adapt if a choice does not work,
  • Time management and stressful situations: I approach situations that may seem stressful with more calmness than before.


Thank you Roméo for answering our questions!