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Setting up a project portfolio

Governance Project Portfolio Management

One of the first consequences for the IS manager is the difficulty in collecting homogeneous information that enables him to control his project portfolio and thus manage the capacity of his teams.

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Lean beyond manufacturing – Part 2

Service Lean

DNA of LEAN – Rules are much more important than tools…

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The added value of a PMO in the management of a project portfolio

Management Project Portfolio PMO

A company must constantly renew itself by implementing projects that allow it to remain competitive in the market. Deciding which projects to support within the annual budget cycle is a real challenge.

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Agility at Scale: successfully managing your digital transformation

transformation agility at scale agility

During the digital transformation of historic companies, known as brick-and-mortar (Banks, Retail, Telecommunication, ...), a large majority of companies encounter a problem that can be summed up in one sentence:

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What is the purpose of assessing the maturity of your PMO ?

audit PMO

What do we mean by PMO?

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Lean beyond manufacturing – Part 1

Service Lean

Is it true that lean can benefit the service industry as well?

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Establish a relevant and efficient roadmap thanks to the maturity approach and risk analysis

Aligning IT services with business demands is a daily challenge.

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How to successfully manage a computer park while getting out of lockdown?

users Computer park Personae

For a lot of IT departments, getting out of lockdown can have a bitter taste. Management of the computer park has been transformed by the generalization of remote working, multiplication of laptops, explosion of the number of devices – leading to cost issues, including licensing – and sometimes unauthorised use of third-party tools used (and sometimes with more convenience)instead of official supported tools.

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Cloud : data protection

Cloud Infrastructure DevOps

The Cloud is nowadys a key tool for CIOs/IT Services Director, thanks to its flexibility, the cost reduction made and time-to-market improvements. 85% of companies in the private sector have adopted it (IDC 2016 figures).

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Several types of PMO

Project Management PMO

Defining the PMO's mission is no easy task, so much the mission can vary depending on the client and on the context. A PMO's activities include monitoring, the control and management of his portfolio's projects. He can have the responsibility of forming good teams and of defining the process to continuously evaluate his portfolio, his project.


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