Delivery Modes

Our contracts are based either on a Daily Rate basis or a Fixed Price Package basis.

Fixed price

From existing specifications or an agreed analysis of the requirements, a detailed job description is drawn up which defines the work to be performed, a list of deliverables and milestones, as well as what the customer expects from d²X Expertise.

We then provide our clients with an assessment of the costs, which allows a budget to be set.

The steering of the work is then carried out on a weekly basis, with the aim of monitoring progress and making key decisions together with our customers to ensure that :

  • d²X meets the clients' expectations,
  • all agreed deliverables are executed on time,
  • and the agreed budget is respected.

Invoicing is carried out based on the milestones of progress in accordance with the pre-agreed schedule.

The advantages of this form of delivery are that the customer is able to :

  • budget for any work in advance,
  • maintain a clear remit for the project without being distracted by any shifts which may occur during the course of the work.

Time & Material

Our customers define a list of work to be carried out and the skills sets required by the consultants they wish us to supply.

We then match these required skills sets with suitable consultants based on their profile. A daily rate for each consultant is then agreed with the customer. 

After the start-up, periodic operational monitoring is carried out with our customers and consultants

At the end of each month time sheets are co-validated by consultants and customer and an invoice is issued.

The advantages of this form of delivery are that the customer is able to :

  • retain technical and operational control over all work
  • employ the services of several suppliers on the same project to ensure that each area has access to the best possible specialists.

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