Write a sound Resume

04 August 2017

Many CVs describe a career without the personal contribution
of the candidate or lack context and simply state a list of skills.
When a Recruiter sorts a large number of resumes, less than 10 seconds are devoted to your CV for the
first selection ... so stand out !.

Some tips and tricks for a good CV...

1- Project Manager: a manager above all

CP mgr

Do not describe your coaching or project management experiences as tasks lists.
For each significant position, your CV must describe: the expected or the objectives,
the entrusted responsibilities, the results obtained,
the difficulties encountered, etc …

Read more : STAR CV


2- As a PM, you decide, simplify, and get to the point


Your career may be rich, but your CV should stay short: do not hesitate to
synthesize several years of experience in 3 precise lines.

Think KISS : Keep It Small and Simple


3- A PM knows how to organize

CP organiser

The writing of a CV is similar to the writing of a summary note, well known to lawyers but ..... ignored by technical training. The presentation belongs to you, but do not forget that your CV is primarily intended to be read, and...
that the reader should not be the one making the efforts!


4- A PM knows how to write

les recruteurs sont tres sensibles aux fautes dorthographe dans le cv

Repetitions, blunders, typos shells, misspellings, overloaded presentations, etc .. are a few of the many mistakes that are eliminatory!

5- A Project Manager has a technical or a business base

CP socle

Before being a Project Manager, you were ... something else! On that note, go to the basics. It's interesting to know
that you come from the administration of systems or JAVA development, but that's not
essential and it only deserves a few lines…

6- Creativity is not your best professional quality

CP creativite

Do not try to create your own resume template ... 99 times out of 100 the result will not be up to
your skills ... Spend some time browsing the net to find the model that best suits you, and ... go with the flow!

Our recruitment team can not wait to see your profile!