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The support of d²X Expertise for the VIP service enabled the GIE AMT, in a difficult context, to quickly restore the trust between IT and internal customers.


The GIE AMT’s main mission is to manage the global IT of 8 regional desks of Crédit Agricole.

Each of these desks is considered by the GIE as an « external » entity : the GIE-desks relation is considered as a customer-supplier relation in its own right.

Inside AMT, an entity is dedicated to a support service for the regional desks’ executive management as well as for the entity’s General Staff.


AMT entrusted d2X Expertise, in accordance with its security policy, with :

  • The VIP-SPOC function,
  • Technical management of the 3 level support team : about 10 technicians,
  • Monitor technological developments on mobility tools,
  • The creation and update of technical bases, including preliminary activities of qualification,
  • Fonctional steering of deployments.

Issues and Goal

In a social context strained by a major reorganization, it is vital for GIE AMT to :

  • maintain healthy relationships with its VIP stakeholders,
  • garantee a service level specific to this population, which is besides concerned by the stakes and consequences of the reorganization.


In spite of the context, 3 months after the beginning of the mission, a trust-based relationship is created with :

  • all VIP users,
  • the local technical teams in charge of onsite interventions.

The stakeholders particularly enjoy the effectiveness of requests handling and the responsiveness for incidents management.


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