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Hybridization training
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Thanks to the intervention of d²X, an Orange team was able to follow a training on the integration of a hybrid approach within its organization.


The Orange group manages many projects and encounters in its daily project practice the boundaries of the different existing methods: Waterfall, Agile and SAFe.

The issue today is to address these concerns: for this project, what is the best method to implement? Can we and how can we use these methods in a complementary way, at different moments of the life cycle of the same project?


This training course, delivered face-to-face over 3 days and remotely over 6 half-days, was co-constructed with the client and an internal Orange team of project referents, integrating specific case studies to illustrate and demonstrate the strengths and limitations of each project method.

Throughout the training, concrete examples and exercises based on problems and situations encountered directly by the participants are highlighted.

Issues & Goals

The stakes of this training are to:

  • reinforce the mastery and understanding of existing project methods.
  • know the differences, complementarities and limits between traditional and Agile project management.
  • to understand which approach is the most adapted and most valuable for managing projects and programs, and according to which criteria.
  • beyond the differences between these methods, make hybridization the new approach in the organization.


The intervention of d²X Expertise allows to:

  • identify the differences and the complementarities between the various methods of project management: Waterfall, Agile and SAFe,
  • understand and know how to use the hybridization daily in its projects,
  • optimize the use of these different methods within the portfolio, programs and projects,
  • use a selection tool for methods,
  • improve operational excellence with hybridization.

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