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Relocation Project Management
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d²X Expertise accompanied SFIL throught its relocation project.


Created in 2013 after the restructuring of the Dexia bank, the French society Crédit Local is the new financing plan of local communities and public health facilities.

As a part of its development, SFIL will move into new premises located in Issy-les-Moulineaux, sharing those premises with its commercial partner La Banque Postale.


SFIL's technical board has entrusted to d²X Expertise the steering of the implementation of its new headquarters' IT facilities. This mission includes :

  • the framing of the project (perimeter, budget, schedule),
  • the definition and organization of the work groups,
  • the coordination and steering of internal construction sites and subcontractors,
  • the animation of the steering committees and the reporting to the CIO.

Issues & Goals

"Operational continuity is the key"

SFIL contains several critical banking activities : front office, trading, risk analysis, etc, which cannot suffer any operational discontinuity.

It is imperative to ensure the infrastructures' availability (networks, working positions) and to insure that the relocations periods will be compatible with the business for a seamless shift.


d²X Expertise's proven approach emphasizes the preparation in order to guarantee :

  • the complete identification of technical packages to cover,
  • the control of prior actions to be carried out,
  • the efficient transverse steering,
  • an effective and targeted communication,
  • the detection of alerts in order to arbitrate on time.

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