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Within a context of regulatory transformation, d²X Expertise has carried out a consultancy mission for DEXIA to set up an organization to manage the portfolio of projects.


The Dexia group was created in 1996 by the alliance between the Communal Credit of Belgium and the Local Credit of France. Concerning the measures used for the stabilisation of the group' situation following the European sovereign debt crisis, the Dexia group decided to create a new entity, SFIL, to support the loan applications for the local communities.


Within the department of Client Relations, d²X Expertise's intervention consists in :

  • reviewing and improving the processes on different areas of DCL, to transfer them to the new entity and in new services,
  • handling the spending budget of the projects.

Issues & Goals

By the end of 2014, Dexia must have split the group's activities and those of SFIL.

Consequently, by the due date end of 2014 :

  • SFIL must have a structured and autonomous IT department on its entire perimeter (assets, applications, exploitation, etc...),
  • The eventual "common" applications must be duplicated before this date,
  • The IT services must be entirely operational.



  • Control of the ITIL framework,
  • Knowledge of project handling,
  • Global knowledge of the Information Department jobs,
  • Proven experience in the migration of applications (from the functional aspects to the infrastructural aspects).

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