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Within the Descours & Cabaud CIO, d²X Expertise has steered series of projects revolving around infrastructures, application flows and application validation.


With nearly 3 billion € of CA via 590 retail outlets in 11 countries, and more than a million references of sold products, Descours & Cabaud (D&C) is one of the global leaders of supplies distribution for industry and Construction and Civil Engineering.

Historically based in Lyon, the headquarters of D&C hosts its Department of Information Systems, responsible for the development and maintenance of the information system of numerous subsidiaries mainly in Europe and in the USA.


Our consultant intervenes in the steering of several projects including in particular :

  • the implementation of integration, pre-production and production infrastructures,
  • the establishment of application flows,
  • the validation in pre-production of the completeness of the elements necessary to pass into production (Documents, Receipts…),
  • supplier relationship,
  • interface of Board of applications – operation.

Issues & Goals

D&C has well developed in external growth, with heterogeneous Information Systems from its subsidiaries.

The challenge today is to master the IT costs by developing a centralised Information System for as many functions as possible.

In this context, D&C's Department of Information Systems implemented early 2014 a cell in charge of managing in project mode all the new applications or major evolutions' infra & operation impacts.

The challenge is to demonstrate the interest of this cell's existence.


By its intervention, d²X Expertise :

  • demonstrates the added value of the integration team in economic and service level terms,
  • enhances the reliability of the passages to production, so much qualitatively than in terms of planning,
  • helps D&C improve its responsiveness facing its jobs' evolutions.

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