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Enedis' IT operator has called upon d²X Expertise to set up new methods to manage infrastructure projects and to disseminate these new methods to the various teams.

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The Operator’s Infrastructure group is responsible for the operations and provision of infrastructures; representing approximately 1,800 instances (AIX, SUN, Windows), 1500m² of tier 3 datacentre, 2 Petabytes of storage. The group is organized in a conventional way, namely in technical silos :

  • System
  • Network
  • Storage
  • Tools & middleware


Enedis has relied on d²X Expertise to set up and manage a cross-functional management structure for the technical domains, of which the main activities are :

  • Define the coordination points of the different domains,
  • Support or follow-up of infrastructure projects,
  • Implement the CAB Infrastructure,
  • Anticipate business needs.

Issues & Goals

The organization has proven itself in terms of technology and flexibility; but in 2011 their limitations showed :

  • Strong and unnecessary overhead ("Why make 25 system partitions for tomorrow when the network will only be connected in 3 weeks"),
  • Delay of availability for more than 2 months, on the standard Infra-catalog services requests


In less than 18 months, the delay in the provision of infrastructures has decreased from more than 2 months to less than 15 days.

The management of the ISD ErDF no longer hears discussions about infrastructures blocking developments.

For the first time during the “Annual Performance Plan” exercise, critical applications arrived at the last Check Point (live and operable).


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