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Within the IT production department of BNP Switzerland, d²X Expertise has successfully carried out several business or cross-functional projects.


BNP Paribas (Suisse) SA is one of the largest international banks in Switzerland. Its 1,700 employees are located in 4 locations in Geneva, Zurich, Basel and Lugano. Its main activities in Switzerland are asset management and corporate & investment banking. The quality of Swiss IT is recognized in the Group; which is why, in addition to support the local business departments, it hosts and manages services for other entities.


Within the IT Production department, d²X Expertise is recognized for the quality of its services because its project managers :

  • successfully carry out the various projects entrusted to them,
  • contribute to the improvement of project management practices by working in close collaboration with governance teams,
  • instill a project management culture in the teams proving every day that methodology can lead to tangible benefits.

Issues & Goals

The European banking and fiscal sector, and more in general the international context, implies rapid regulatory changes, to which the bank must adapt.

Nowadays, BNP Paribas Suisse cannot afford to merely manage the existing; and must therefore optimize its resources and its portfolio of projects to continue to adapt to new constraints, and to offer better services. The challenge for the IT Production department is therefore to maintain its stability while absorbing an increasing number of project-related changes.


The Project Leaders of d2X Expertise successfully take on both professional and cross-functional projects with a duration of a few man-days up to several man-years. Thanks to their experience in various business sectors such as chemistry, industry or telecom, the Project Managers provide proven practices, supported by a pragmatic methodology approach. In the end however, by focusing on the person behind the job, that the Project Leaders of d2X Expertise bring value to the everyday tasks.


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