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Project Governance
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The respect of the deadlines and the smooth flow of information enabled d²X Expertise to accompany Apicil in the deployment of a new desktop publishing tool.


The APICIL Group is fully in line with developments in the additional pension plans. As such, an implementation of a new desktop publishing tool associated with document management is requested by Agirc / Arrco federations.


The mission of Expertise is to support the APICIL project’s governance milestones (deployment). The following actions are thus to be carried out :

  • Accompany the person responsible for the project’s scope with the organization of the activities,
  • Monitor the project’s dimensions,
  • Steer the project’s phases,
  • Prepare project’s phases internally,
  • Coordinate with business units,
  • Accompany the stakeholders through the process until the project’s realization

Issues & Goals

The main challenges of this mission were :

  • Respect the tight implementation deadlines of the desktop publishing tool and EDM solutions,
  • Ensuring the smooth flow of information between the different concerned entities: Girc, Ircem, Apicil and Malakoff Médéric.


The intervention of d²X Expertise has made it possible to :

  • Reinforce the existing team in place on the tasks of preliminary studies and standardization of letters,
  • Identify vigilance points and how to manage risks when deploying the Alfresco EDM solution.

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