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On the project Documentation of the internal SI plan 2015, d²X has made it possible to improve the collaboration of the CA Technologies teams, long confronted with heterogeneous practices.


CAT is the prime contractor for the NICE project (New Convergent Evolutive IT), the common information system of the Regional Banks. As such, it ensures :

  • The design, manufacturing, maintenance and operation of the banking system
  • The added value to and innovation within the solutions
  • The quality and performance of the delivered services.


d²X Expertise intervenes within the "MOA" of the internal IT services department, in order to ensure :

  • Management of the Documentation project for the IT services plan 2015, the objective of which is to respond to the problems related to this subject,
  • Mapping of the internal IT services tools,
  • Support of the MOA on the comitology of the operational committees.

Issues & Goals

Due to the recent merger of numerous EIGs, CAT faces a lot of variance of the documentary practices within the company 

The challenge is to define simple document management rules, in order to :

  • Save time for the users,
  • Reduce storage space,
  • Make practices homogenous,
  • Ensure accessibility and the conservation of documents.

The strategic coaching towards change is the primary stake of this project.


The intervention of d²X Expertise allows CAT :

  • To improve productivity and team collaboration,
  • To satisfy users by providing answers to the documentation related issues,
  • To communicate internally in an accurate manner on the perimeters and the assignments of the stakeholders.

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