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d²X Expertise has assumed responsibility for an infrastructure partitioning project for the Operations Center of the Canton of Vaud.


The IT services Department of the Cantonal Administration of the Vaud district (Canton) is particularly vigilant with regards to the Security of the Information System for which it is responsible. It made a commitment with the elected representatives of the Canton, to implement measures to significantly reduce the identified risks. Among these is the infrastructures partitioning of (CLIN) the scope of which substantiated the decision of opening a specific project.


d²X Expertise ensures on behalf of the IEC, the IT exploitation center and the operational management of the CLIN project to :

  • Determine the perimeter and decomposition in batches to allow a phased implementation, without "tunnel" effect,
  • Create and animate the multidisciplinary teams, throughout the IT services department,
  • Monitor the progress and regular inform the Steering Committee.

Issues & Goals

From a technical point of view, the solution is relatively simple. The stakes lie more with the new constraints that will result from the solution :

  • Access limitation according to the environments and the tasks of each individual,
  • Control of the technical and, most importantly, over the functional flows between IT subsystems.


Thanks to a pragmatic approach, guided by the rapid implementation of the solution’s first building blocks, the Directorate General of the IT Services Department is now reassured about the future development of the project.

  • Stakeholders are aware of the issues and their role and responsibility in the project,
  • Risks are identified and monitored.

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