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d²X Expertise intervention within the SI service allowed the implementation of an exchange management process.


The HG is responsible for the implementation of the social policy in the Canton of Geneva. It commits, in a responsible way, to the dignity of the most deprived and it dynamically promotes (and as quickly as possible), the return to lasting autonomy for each beneficiary of whom HG is responsible:

  • 1,000 employees
  • 20 social action centers
  • 6,500 migrants who benefited from HG’s assistance in 2015


d²X Expertise has worked together with the IT services department with to ensure :

  • the definition and implementation of the change management process,
  • the organization of a "CAB" (Change Advisory Board)
  • the implementation of "ad minima" tool,
  • formalization of a Memento facilitating decision support (for the Change Manager).

Issues & Goals

The CIO’s department has set specific objectives, including :

  • rapid implementation of a Change Advisory Board,
  • definition of a process that is simple to put into practice (choosing pragmatism),
  • deployment of tools that facilitate a quick adoption by the internal IT teams.

The achievement of these objectives in a relatively short period of time (16 J / H) was the main issue in this mission.


The intervention of d²X Expertise has made it possible to :

  • to strengthen the communication and the information exchange between the IT services teams,
  • to announce and better qualify changes in IT
  • to improve the visibility of practices and to identify areas for improvement (e.g. to improve the reliability of production procedures).

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