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d²X Expertise has taken charge of a video-streaming project within BNP.


BNP Paribas (Suisse) SA is one of the largest international banks in Switzerland. Its 1,700 employees are located in 4 locations in Geneva, Zurich, Basel and Lugano. Its main activities in Switzerland are asset management and corporate & investment banking. The quality of Swiss IT is recognized in the Group; which is why, in addition to support the local business departments, it hosts and manages services for other entities.


Within the IT Production team, d²X Expertise’s Project Manager has taken charge of this project, by :

  • Maintaining the deadlines imposed by the planned communication operations,
  • Creating an effective link between the various players,
  • Facilitating the introduction of new technologies, making it easier to adapt to future needs,
  • Ensuring the sustainability of the system, guaranteeing constant support from the production teams.

Issues & Goals

The European and, more generally, the international banking & fiscal context imply rapid regulatory changes, to which the bank must adapt. In order to be able to communicate effectively with the teams, the Directorate General of the Territory has asked IT to quickly set up a video streaming system. Guaranteeing professional image quality throughout the network, without compromising the main function of the applications, formed the challenge of this innovative project.


All the employees of the bank can now attend the General Management’s interventions directly and virtually from their workstations. This is a major change, especially for the Trading teams who cannot leave their workstations. d²X Expertise’s Project Manager took charge of this assignment and hence enabled IT to be recognized for the quality of its services through Communication. The project was part of the 10 Best Projects of the year, shown as an example of success to the entire IT staff.


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