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d²X Expertise intervenes in the business units responsible for the cross-functional tools


The GIE CA Technologies and Services is responsible for outsourcing, governance and project management for all of the Crédit Agricole's regional banks.


d²X Expertise intervenes in the business units responsible for the cross functional tools, the main tasks of which are :

  • writing of technical specifications,
  • technical clearance / TNR / Certification of new hardware and software,
  • completion of tenders for equipment,
  • preparation of internal project instances,
  • coordination of business actions,
  • support on the one hand the project's stakeholders until project realization, and on the other hand the regional banks in deploying these projects.

Issues & Goals

The main challenges are :

  • represent and support the regional banks in their IT services operations department,
  • ensure coordination and constant follow-up between the evolution in the requests for changes (CR) and technical constraints,
  • anticipate the needs of the stakeholders and maintain a high level of satisfaction.


The intervention of d²X Expertise has provided :

  • responsiveness to requests,
  • a dedicated contact person for the regional banks,
  • a global and transverse vision of the activities of the EIG and the adhering change requests, allowing a clear and transparent communication.

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