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Outsourcing transition
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Within the Enedis IT Operator, d²X Expertise successfully achieved an application transition from one outsourcing supplier to another.


The Enedis IT Operator ensures the exploitation of Enedis’s entire IT infrastructure, representing :

  • 50 applications, including a dozen critical ones,
  • 1,250 servers and 250 TB of storage.

A team of 50 to 60 FTEs, in recurrent mode on-site, is needed to ensure the outsourcing development project.

In early 2010, the Operator initiated a change to the outsourcing services’ supplier.


Our consultant was called upon to ensure :

  • The transition between the two outsourcing services suppliers (contractual and operations),
  • The definition of the reference system for the management of the infrastructures,
  • Monitoring the transition phases (initial audit, definition of services, transfer of knowledge, subdivision and transition to the test phase, etc.),
  • Steering the MOA: preparation of committees, alert management.

Issues & Goals

With more than 10 new applications, the switchover period is expected to be the largest since the entity was created in 2003.

For the first time, the Operator must put in place a model of contracting per work units, to be operational in one quarter.

The transition operation is complicated by the imperative improvement in the level of the delivered services.


End of the reversibility phase on schedule, mainly due to :

  • Accurate sequencing on a weekly basis,/li>
  • Particular attention to the knowledge transfer from one outsourcer to another.

Implementation of the target services facilitated by the prior definition of all worksites (automation of control operations, supervision, backup, management of virtual systems, reporting and indicators, etc.).

As a result of the d²X intervention, we were able to ensure best conditions during a difficult production period, when many critical applications were programmed and the transition from our applications and servers from one outsourcing supplier to another was successful.


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