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Transition Management
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d²X Expertise allowed Arkema to implement a new production tool, leading to a transition success while the company focused on decisive points.


Arkema group, created on October 2004 from the reorganization of Total’s chemical branch, became a major actor of worldwide chemistry, thanks to its R&D project management in various sectors.

In order to go with this growth strategy and worldwide achievements, the group has to acquire efficient and reliable information systems, able to provide the right service for the best price.

For that, Arkema decided to outsource its Unix infrastructures’ management. Considering that the initial contract was coming to an end in June 2011, d²X Expertise was asked to drive the transition.


The mission, driven by a Project Director / Transition Manager, took place from April to June 2011, and consisted in :

  • managing reversibility,
  • managing knowledge transfer,
  • redefining the delivery, the reporting, the indicators and procedures,
  • following transformation projects,
  • change management.

Issues & Goals

The deadline of the contract required a quick project handling and strict and effective steering of the project transition, which was reflected by :

  • the identification of structuring elements in order to allow the outsourcer to be operational,
  • the Accurate marking out of the knowledge transfer plan.

L’accompagnement au changement est l’enjeu primordial de ce projet.


The Transition Manager’s intervention not only led to the transition’s success, but also allowed Arkema to implement a new production tool (Nagios supervision , technical jobs’ scheduling UNIJOB, task management, capacity management CACTI, production portal Wepo), while giving Arkema’s heads the possibility to focus on decisive points.

Le consultant d²X Expertise a su s’intégrer dans un délai très court dans notre environnement ce qui nous a permis de nous concentrer principalement sur les actions opérationnelles, chose essentielle sur un projet présentant une contrainte de planning forte.
Ce succès conforte notre appréciation du positionnement de d²X Expertise, basé sur des retours d’expérience concrets.

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