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Service Delivery Management
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In a difficult context, d²X Expertise managed to perfectly steer the Delivery Service and the project steering.


Risc Group is a european stakeholder of outsourced IT services, who offers to its clients an infrastructure of networks interconnected to the biggest operators as well as a complete range of managed IT services.

Risc Group provides them mobility services, backup, network protection, CCTV, outsourcing, telecommunications and applications in hosted mode.


d²X Expertise provides on behalf of the RISC Group's Operations Board a mission of Service Client Manager, the main expectations being :

  • the steering of the operations of exploitation services' resumption, from the clients to the host's infrastructures,
  • the monitoring, for these clients, of current operations (service level, incident management, deployment, etc...),
  • the coordination of interventions of the BackOffice technical teams.

Issues & Goals

In its press release of July 2010, the board of the group wrote :

« The group has completed a restructuring period. Our objective now is to sensibly improve the quality of the service provided to our customers ».

This objective has been declined in the organisation due to the implementation of a customer relations steering structure.


In 2 months, the RISC clients from Lyon found a credible partner capable of effectively endorsing their own challenges.

As an example, the two last significant demands, in provenance of different clients, have been delivered on time :

  • a technical audit plan of platform,
  • the deployment of a new tool inventory onto the existing infrastructures.

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