A few words from ITIL

Service Management

A complete and pragmatic approach

ITIL® means « Information Technology Infrastructure Library ». It consists in a five-volume collection of good practices concerning the information system's operation. With no standard, nor quality system, ITIL offers at the same time a complete and pragmatic approach of the Information System's issues which can be easily adapted to the specificities of each company.

Structure and organise

The ITIL implementation structures and organises the Information System's operation to accompany its growth and industrialisation. This approach is described through processes which cover a very broad spectrum of issues related to operation. For each of these processes, ITIL develops, in its most recent version (the third), a service life cycle-oriented approach. This approach is formalised by commitments made alongside clients of the Department of Information Systems on the levels of service to be achieved.

A change process

The first step is to determine the processes to transform and, if necessary, the related functions to be created. For certain processes, ITIL implementation could consist in formalising and improving existing practices in the company. For others, this would imply more fundamental changes. In both cases, the necessary condition of a successful implementation will be to bring transversality to organisations ruled by the verticality of the hierarchical link. This transformation of the way of functioning needs to strongly mobilise the management of this change process.

A common language

Organisation, structuring, improvement of the level of service : in parallel to these immediate objectives, ITIL facilitates the interaction of all the structures who collaborate with the Department of Information Systems. By drawing the Information Systems towards shared standards, it indeed endows to all the stakeholders  so much external as internal  a common language which facilitates the collaboration.

d²X Expertise's added value

d²X Expertise relies exclusively on senior consultants, who all have the Foundation V3 ITIL level of certification. Above all, each one has, at one point of their career, occupied a place within a Department of Information Systems comparable to those of our clients. This experience allows them to approach the ITIL implementation with a user's perspective, crucial to a service-oriented methodology. The awareness of their client's way of operating is also a key element for the implementation of any change process. Indeed it gives them the understanding of internal challenges and organisation constraints whose transformation they support.



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