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Role and tasks

Bruno is a project manager orientated towards innovation and technological breakthroughs, along with an excellent customer-orientated relationship. His pragmatism and experience direct him towards missions of transverse steering or reorganization.

Previous experiences

After starting his career in software development, in Project Management Assistance and with main contractors, Bruno specialised in the rapid development of applications, as an international consultant, during 5 years. He participates, amongst other things, in the reorganization of the Chantiers de l'Atlantique and in the adaptation of its IT tools.

Strong with his intuition that telephony could evolve towards the mobile network, he joins SFR in 1997. During 12 years there he creates and directs product data marketing and contributes to creating this market. In 2009, he implements the PMO activity of the SFR Business Team.

Since 2011, Bruno dedicates himself to the energy field, by creating structures for the production of renewable energy and by participating in an intervention steering project for ERDF.


Professional record
  • Multi-Client Contractor, insurance field, 5 years
  • Amdahl, Expert in rapid development of applications, 5 years
  • SFR, Head of Product Marketing, 12 years
  • SFR Business Team, PMO, 2 years
  • Energy field Project Manager, 3 years.


  • 12 years Project management in Project Ownership
  • 3 years Transverse functions
  • 5 years Consulting, training (RAD/JAD)
  • 6 years Applications projects (Project Owner/Main Contractor)


Main skills


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