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Hybridization training Image 1
Hybridization training
Thanks to the intervention of d²X, an Orange team was able to follow a training on the integration of a hybrid approach within its organization.
Recruitment of the Production Manager Image 1
Recruitment of the Production Manager
d²X Expertise has been asked by Sodexo's IT department to recruit its Production Manager
Agile Project Management Image 1
Agile Project Management
d²X Expertise was entrusted the assignment to lead a mobile project for sales users.
VIP Service Image 1
VIP Service
The support of d²X Expertise for the VIP service enabled the GIE AMT, in a difficult context, to quickly restore the trust between IT and internal customers.
Change Management Image 1
Change Management
d²X Expertise intervention within the SI service allowed the implementation of an exchange management process.
Contract Management Image 1
Contract Management
Within the IT Department, d²X Expertise accompanied SFIL through its contract management.
Contract Management Image 1
Contract Management
As part of the "M-ticket" project, d²X accompanied Kisio to manage and control all of its services contracts.
Outsourcing management Image 1
Outsourcing management
d²X Expertise intervention has made it possible to industrialize the computer exploitation and to regain the satisfaction and confidence of IS users.
Portfolio Management Image 1
Portfolio Management
Within the IT production department of BNP Switzerland, d²X Expertise has successfully carried out several business or cross-functional projects.
Portfolio Management Image 1
Portfolio Management
d²X Expertise intervenes in the business units responsible for the cross-functional tools

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