Identifying and tracking the talents that contribute to securing your commitments?
Securing your decision making in the case of mobility and recruitment?
Individualizing and optimizing your development plans?

People & Performance: a dedicated team to guide you in your decisions related to human resources.

Individual assessment

Secure your decision making

Assessment center (multi tools, multi observers)

  • Creation of the specifications together,
  • Online multidimensional analysis test (personality, motivations, behaviors) (30 mn),
  • Technical evaluation: 30 to 60 mn meeting with a d²X expert,
  • Situational meeting with an expert consultant.
Assessed dimensions:

Knowledge, expertise, and interpersonal skills


Individual assessment report (strengths, areas of focus and development recommendations).

Collective Assessment

Mapping skills and knowledge within your organization

Online assessment and/or face-to-face/remote interviews

  • Creation of specifications together,
  • Online tests (knowledge and/or multidimensional),
  • Remote or face-to-face meeting.
Assessed dimensions:

Knowledge and/or expertise and/or interpersonal skills


Collective mapping of existing strengths, company and repository benchmarks, gap analysis, strengths and weaknesses and recommendations for development plans.