Support your transformation?
Ensure the efficiency of your certified staff?
Share experiences and best practices to animate your community of professionals?

d²X guides you throughout the cycle of development of your teams' skills in the field of project management.

  • Our certified consultants intervene within your teams as trainers or coaches to help them benefit from their operational experience
  • Our training offer covers all the steering professions and can be tailored to your target and your objectives
  • We intervene in the most appropriate way for your context (intra, workshops, face-to-face, e-learning, mentoring, webinars, etc.)
  • We provide you with the best project management tools from our missions
  • We build with you, as part of our learning journey, a performance measurement tool (ROI) to measure the impact of our programs.

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Training success stories
Here some of our best references on training and mentoring individuals and organisations...