Putting an end to the setbacks of the "digital transformation“
Fight or accompany shadow IT?
FinOps? DevOps? DevsecOps? What about operations in all this?

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As an operational consulting entity of d²X Expertise, mc²O adresses continuous improvement and innovation topics through creative and customized solutions to deal with uncertainty and complexity, increasing buy-in and reducing compromises through support at three levels: strategic, tactical and operational.

Our Lean Startup and Agile orientation to regain interest at work, both face-to-face and remotely.

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An approach hybridizing methods to manage complexity

Innovating by combining skills

Determine and set new "fields of possibilities" in action: Design Thinking, Lean UX, Agile

Understanding, recommending and aligning

Engage teams and individuals on a common vision of the target and a shared appreciation of the "effort to be produced": Visions, Interviews, Systemic approach

Learning through game and experience

Implementing an applied pedagogy, to break the ice and allow "change by design": Ice Breaker, Serious Game, Events Operations.

Achieving tangible results

Quickly draw up a state of play and deal with the root causes of problems between the different layers of the organization: Process Mapping, Root cause Analysis

Implementing, measuring and improving

Quickly get into the operational side of transformation and change: Impact mapping, RICE, Portfolio Management


Many thanks for allowing us to meet a SRE expert! The round tables and rich exchanges proved to be very useful in enlightening our prospective reflections.

Following our first collaboration at the diagnosis stage, I can easily imagine the mc²o team as the linchpin of the implementation of our transformation in 2021.