Merger of entities? Reorganization of a department?
Deployment of a new Information System, a critical application?
Difficulty to introduce Agile methods beyond project rituals?

An offer deployed in all our entities, to support your managers, your teams and your users during the stages of change.

Put into motion the sources of continuous improvement

Organize your team or management seminars

Help users when deploying applications

Deploy the IT department agilization or hybridization trajectory

Facilitate the adoption of the digital experience

Set up and lead circles of good practice.

Accompany the implementation of new processes

Insert new delivery methods



An evaluation process that selects professionals for their specific capacities in change management and their taste for the human touch.


An activity carried out exclusively at the heart of the IT department that allows our consultants to be immediately operational and legitimate.


Mastered tools and repositories (Prosci®, hybridization, Kotter, etc...) as well as feedbacks shared in the AGORA d²X intranet.